BlueClone creates new SAP systems within minutes! Any already installed SAP system may be cloned by using the copy features of the storage system and gets a new SAP identity automatically.

In order to create a completely new SAP clone, BlueClone replaces all required steps of the traditional procedure “installation – patch – system copy including post processing” thus reducing the required amount of time by more than 90%.
The existing numerous sources of error when creating a SAP clone in the traditional manual way by are eliminated by using BlueClone. This leads to a considerable boost of quality for the whole copy process, the new SAP system and also for the whole SAP landscape.

Using BlueClone you gain a substantial degree of freedom in providing new SAP systems for testing, educational purposes or sandboxes. You do not need any preparation time and the new clone is ready within 1 or 2 hours. Download Fact Sheet (606 KB) Request Details
  • Cloning within minutes:
    save more that 90% time
  • no more installing,
    patching and copying for days
  • create test and project systems
  • create upgrade test systems
  • always up-to-date data
  • settings in the clone
    are adapted